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Strategie pro život | 29. díl (18.10.2020)

No. 29. | What is this episode about?

Achieving the Piece of Mind

The world is a busy, hectic, and chaotic place. Even those who seek to live simple and quiet lives will often find themselves overcome with a mind full of random thoughts as they seek to accomplish long to-do list and deal with the struggles of life. To make things worse, we lay down to go to sleep, this is often the worst time. Thoughts of the day past and the day ahead bombard our minds and too often cause us to miss the sleep we need. In the midst of all this busyness, we need ways to quiet the mind and find a measure of peace.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks give strategies to achieve the peace of mind that is so needed. By practicing this strategies it is possible to learn to quiet the mind and get the peace and rest that is so need. By quieting the mind we can learn to be healthier, happier, accomplish more, and get a good nights sleep without the constant obsessive thoughts that would stand in the way of all of these things. So, listen carefully and learn to quiet the mind.

Informace ke starším dílům pořadu
No. 28. | What is this episode about?

How to Be Happier

Happiness is something that everyone wants but it is often hard to find. There are so many difficulties in the world it can sometimes seem like happiness in impossible. Happiness is something that can be achieved, however, even in difficult times. We cannot solve every problem but we can be happier if we have the right strategies.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks discusses how to be happier. With these strategies we can be happier even during the tough times of life. Even a small increase in happiness can make life better, more enjoyable, and more fulfilling. By putting these strategies in place in your life, you can have a real strategy to become a happier person.

No. 27. | What is this episode about?

Dealing With Seasonal Affective Disorder

Life has many challenges but can a change in the seasons of the year be one of them? For many people the answer is, yes. As the weather becomes colder and the days get shorter, many people begin to experience a form of depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. This type of depression comes in the Fall and Winter and be a serious problem. The many hours of darkness, the cold temperatures, and the loss of outdoor activities can cause several months of discouragement or even misery.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks discusses Seasonal Affective Disorder and how to deal with the cold, dark months. The change of the season does not have to bring depression. It can be overcome; but, it does require the right strategies. As the weather turns cold this is the perfect time to develop the right strategies to stay healthy and happy all winter.

No. 26. | What is this episode about?

Dealing With Anger

Anger is a nature part of life. With so many bad things in the world it is natural to feel angry on occasion; but, what is the best way to deal with that anger? Some people believe getting the anger out through yelling or other acts of rage is the best way to get things out but science show is that thin is actually not the best way.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks give strategies to deal with a anger that are healthy and practical. These are ways to deal with the natural anger we all experience in a way that can actually solve problems and keep us in a good state of mind.

No. 25. | What is this episode about?

Healing through Books

There is a easy and practical method of helping yourself heal from the hurts and struggles of life. It is a type of therapy known as Bibliotherapy. This is a practice of using books, stories, poems and other written works to help heal for the trauma, struggles and pain of life.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks discusses the benefits of bibliotherapy and give practical and easy to follow strategies to use this kind of therapy in on your own life. By using this type of therapy, help is readily available anytime and healing becomes possible. The written words is powerful and with the right strategies can be used as a powerful method of healing.

No. 24. | What is this episode about?

When to NOT Make a Decision

There are times that it is a bad idea to make a decision. Good decision making is crucial to a healthy life; but, there are specific circumstances that decisions should not be made. Paying attention to these circumstances and making sure we are in the right state of mind to make a good decisions is crucial to decision making.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks give strategies to avoid making decisions under bad circumstances. By knowing when to NOT make a decision and waiting to the right time and circumstances can ensure that the decision making process is a good one. By following these practical and simple strategies we can avoid making decisions we might later regret.

No. 23. | What is this episode about?

Making Good Decisions

Decision making something we all do every day. Most of these decisions are small and insignificant; but, sometimes the decisions are monumental. Important decisions can cause stress, sleepless nights, and can alter the course of life. Making good and wise decisions makes an enormous difference.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks gives strategies for making good decisions which can calm our nerves, reduce indecisiveness, and help set a better course for life. Make good decisions helps build the kind of life we are looking for and Dr. Hicks helps develop the strategies to make these good decisions.

No. 22. | What is this episode about?

Improving Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important things we can do for our physical, mental, and emotional health. Yet, sometimes this important aspect of life is neglected when it comes to strategies for good health. Busy schedules, stress, and some bad habits cause us to move through life not only tired but sometimes with some serious health issues that could be corrected by getting consistently good sleep.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks gives practical strategies that can improve the quality of sleep and by doing so improve the quality of life. Realizing and practicing these strategies can can improve health, mood, and even relationships all because sleep effects all these areas of life. Bring these strategies into your life and experience rejuvenating sleep.

No. 21. | What is this episode about?

Finding Your Life Purpose

One way to be happy in life is to find a purpose and fulfill that purpose to the benefit of the world around us. However, people might be skeptical that such a purpose even exist. When considering the vastness of the universe, the history of all humanity, and the span of time itself, is it really possible for an individual person to have a purpose?

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks argues that purpose in life is a reality particularly when we look at life on a micro level. When considering our little corner of the world, It is possible to have an important impact when living out life’s purpose. It is not important to make a difference in the span of the universe. It is important, possible, and ultimately fulfilling to make a difference, right here and right now. Dr. Hicks give the strategies to find and fulfill this purpose.

No. 20. | What is this episode about?

Developing a Sense of Humor

Life has many difficulties but there are some ways to make life better. One great way is by developing a strong sense of humor. This make come naturally to some people. Others may have to work at it a bit., Either way, it is important for everyone to have strategies to develop a sense of humor. While some might initially view humor as trivial; in reality, it has tremendous health effects. Humor actually helps improve physical health, emotional and mental health, social connections, and is even taught in spirituality.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks give easy to follow strategies so anyone can develop a strong sense of humor. With all the health benefits available through humor, it is well worth the time and effort to bring these strategies into life. To be a happy and healthy person, humor is a vital quality and Dr. Hicks provides the strategies to attain it.

No. 19. | What is this episode about?

Building Better Relationships

Perhaps the most important aspect of life is the relationships in our life. Happy relationships not only lead to a happier life but also have significant effects on health. People with good relationships generally tend to have better health habits, better blood pressure, and even tend to live longer. Relationships effect all areas of life.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. HIcks discusses how to build better relationships. With some basic strategies, we can have better relationships and bring a host of benefits into life. Relationships are too important to simply leave it to chance. Dr. Hicks gives clear strategies to build better relationships.

No. 18. | What is this episode about?

Building Self Esteem

How we think about ourselves is an important part of our mental and emotional health. People with strong self esteem tend to have more confidence when facing difficult times. Tendency to be more at peace and content with life when we feel good about who we are. However, it is not always easy to build strong self esteem. Considering how many mistakes we make, how critical people are, and how negatively we think in our own minds, it is no wonder that self esteem is a problem for many.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks gives practical strategies to overcome the negativity of life and build strong self esteem. By applying these simple strategies, a more confident, healthier, and happier life is possible.

No. 17. | What is this episode about?

Overcoming Fear

Fear is a part of life. There are things that brings legitimate fears that serve to protect us. Other fears, however, are hinderances to life and keep us from living the life we want. Jobs, family relationships, friendships, and life ambitions can all be effected by our fears. Overcoming these fears can simply lead to a better life.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks gives practical strategies to help deal with the fears that hinder life. By following these strategies fear becomes a manageable emotion rather than a hinderance. In time, these strategies can overcome fears and bring that better life.

No. 16. | What is this episode about?

Three Types of Depression

Depression is a serious problem but the good news is that it is a treatable condition. One of the complications, however, is that there are different types of depression. We use the same word to describe some very different situations. If you are dealing with depression it is important to know what type of depression you are dealing with and then apply the proper strategies for that type of depression.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks explores three different types of depression and gives practical strategies for combating each one. Depression does not have to destroy life. Depression is treatable. Learning the types of depression and the strategies to deal with each one can lead to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

No. 15. | What is this episode about?

Being a Helpful Person

There is a simple way that we can make ourselves a happier person and also make the world around us better. That simple method of achieving both of these things is to become a more helpful person. This simple concept, however, can begin to feel quite difficult when we consider all the problems in the world. Where do we even start to help.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks gives practical strategies that can help everyone become a more helpful person without becoming overwhelmed with the difficulties of the world. By applying these strategies each person can make the world better (at least a little better) and in the process, make yourself a happier person.

No. 14. | What is this episode about?

Breaking Bad Habits

How many times have you decided to break a bad habit only to return to your usual behavior after a short time. Everyone can stop a bad behavior temporarily with just a bit of will power. Permanently changing a behavior, however, is a much more difficult task; but, it is possible with the right strategies.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks explores strategies that can help you permanently break those bad habits. Habits don’t change from simple will power. It takes a strategy that involves behavior, attitude, and evaluating what we can place in our life instead. By following the strategies in this episode, you can finally break those bad habits.

No. 13. | What is this episode about?

Dealing with Irritating People

One of the realities of life is that we all have to deal with irritating people. It might be nice if we could avoid such people but life doesn’t work that way. This is because we can potentially find irritating people in all areas of our life. It can be a struggle that we face in the workplace, the neighborhood, or even in our own families. While we cannot always make people act the way we wish they would, we can develop strategies that can help us deal, in a healthy way, with these irritating people.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks give strategies can help us improve our reactions when people are irritating us. Applying these strategies can give us the tools we need to make our life more pleasant and manageable even when we have to deal with the irritating people.

No. 12. | What is this episode about?

Recovering from Trauma

Difficulty is part of life but sometimes it goes to an extreme. In these times it moves to the level of trauma. When traumatic events take place it can be devastating and seem like life can never be good again. The truth is that trauma can be life altering but life can return to good state. With the right strategies, there can be healing and recovery.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks gives strategies for dealing with the toughest times of life. Dealing with trauma is not something anyone likes to think about; but, being prepared with the right strategies can give the tools needed to put the pieces together and make life good again. During the worst of times it is important to know how to recover from trauma.

No. 11. | What is this episode about?

Lifting Your Mood

One of the common problems we all face is the simple bad mood. It may not be the most serious problem of life but it does have an impact. This is particularly true if we allow our bad mood to have an effect on our relationships. If we snap at our friends, family and coworkers because we are in a bad mood it could have really negative effects. In addition, if we live too many days in our life feeling down and discouraged, life is simply not as good. Life is better if we find ways of lifting our spirits and elevating our mood on those days we feel down.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks gives four strategies lifting the mood in order to simply enjoy life more. Bad moods effect everyone sometimes, but with these simple and easy to incorporate strategies, we can overcome these bad moods, be more pleasant, and have a better life.

No. 10. | What is this episode about?

Emotional Strength

The problems of life cannot be avoided completely but we can develop the strength to face them. Being an emotionally strong person gives us the perseverance to face the problems of life with a confidence that can sustain us. Emotional strength, however, is not just about being tough or tenacious. Instead emotional strength is something that is cultivated and developed. To do that it takes having the right strategies.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks discusses five strategies to become an emotionally strong person. By practicing these strategies you can become a stronger person emotionally and better able to deal with the problems when they come along. Like a runner training for a race, we can train ourselves to be emotionally strong so that we are not overcome by the struggles of life but have the strength to face them.

Strategie pro život | 9. díl

No. 9. | What is this episode about?

Avoid Negative Thinking

All day long we have to deal with negative things. The news tells us of negative situations and we have to deal with negative people. The most damaging negativity, however, comes in the form of our own thinking. Sometimes, without even realizing it, we bombard ourselves with unrealistically negative thoughts. This leads to a life that lives, not in reality, but in a negativity our minds have created.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks show how to break the cycle of negative thinking Through four simple strategies, Dr. Hicks teaches how to alter our thinking to see the reality of the situation and not create a condition that is overly positive or overly negative. Life is difficult enough without making it worse with negative thinking. By putting these strategies in place we can learn to see the reality of the situation and avoid negative thinking.

Strategie pro život | 8. díl

No. 8. | What is this episode about?

Learning to Have Fun

What is fun? Some people would consider fun to be trivial or even childish. Some would dismiss it as unnecessary or unimportant, choosing instead to focus entirely on work, family, household chores and other such things. Fun, however, is not simply a childish distraction. In fact, it is an important part of a healthy life.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks discusses the important issue of incorporating fun into life. Having fun reduces stress, improves relationships, and can even improve sleep. This makes it an important part of a happy and healthy life. Therefore, Dr. Hicks gives five strategies to help incorporate fun into life bringing all these health benefits and making life a lot more enjoyable.

Strategie pro život | 7. díl

No. 7. | What is this episode about?

Dealing with Grief

Sometimes life can be incredibly difficult. After a major loss such as the death of a loved one, divorce, or the loss of a job, there will naturally be a very painful time of grief. Grief is not an easy process but it is a process that can bring healing. To find that healing it is important to go through the grief process and to go through it in a healthy way.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks discusses five strategies to bring into your life during a time of grief that can help the healing process. Some losses are so devastating that life will never be the same; but, but a healthy and happy life is possible once again if we apply these crucial strategies.

Strategie pro život | 6. díl

No. 6. | What is this episode about?

Dealing with Dysfunctional Families

Family is a place of love, support, and encouragement. At least that is what we hope it will be. Unfortunately, for many people this is not the case. For many family is a place of toxic interactions, continuous arguments, and a place to be torn down. This is the painful reality found within dysfunctional families. When families are dysfunctional, they can become cruel interactions that are draining and demoralizing. Sadly, one person cannot fix such families; but, there are ways to stay healthy when dealing with these unhealthy relationships.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks gives five strategies that can help deal with dysfunctional families. These strategies will not fix the family but can help you stay healthy as you deal with the dysfunction. Dealing with a dysfunctional family is a difficult problem to face, but Dr. Hicks shows how to live a healthy life in the midst of the struggle.

Strategie pro život | 5. díl

No. 5. | What is this episode about?

Life Long Learning

There is one life strategy that can have a positive effect on virtually every area of life. This is the strategy of committing to life long learning. Learning is something that is natural in childhood and the younger years of life but eventually life becomes routine. For many people life is about the routines of work, family, and home life. While there are small adjustments that have to be made along the way, in many ways life becomes a serious of daily routines. While there is certainly nothing wrong with routine, a healthy life also includes time for learning something new.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks explores the benefits of life long learning as well as four strategies for accomplishing this goal. Dr. Hicks gives practical and simple strategies can lead to a better life with more fulfillment simply by learning new things throughout life.

Strategie pro život | 4. díl

No. 4. | What is this episode about?

Dealing with Conflict

Conflict is a part of everyone’s life. We sometimes have small conflicts with family, friends, and co-workers. There are groups that come together to oppose other groups and there is sometimes even hatred between them. Conflict can escalate all the way to the point that nations go to war. Whether the conflicts are small and personal or on a global scale, dealing with conflict is a part of life.

With all the struggles around us it is important to have the right strategies to deal with conflict. In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks explains why conflict is such a common aspect of life; and, gives strategies to help deal with these conflicts.

Strategie pro život | 3. díl

No. 3. | What is this episode about?

How to Forgive

Should we forgive those who have mistreated us? What if they don’t deserve our forgiveness? What does it mean to forgive; and, if we choose to forgive, how do we go about it?

In this episode of “Life Strategies,” Dr. Mark A. Hicks addresses this very difficult topic. One of the most difficult times of life is when someone betrays or mistreats us. Sometimes those that do such damage can even be trusted friends or family members. This is particularly painful. The stress and grief of this mistreatment could lead to a desire for revenge; but, forgiveness is actually a healthier way that leads to much better results. Forgiveness is not for the betrayer. Instead, it is the best avenue of healing for the betrayed. This healing is not easy; so, the right strategies will be necessary. Dr. Hicks gives five strategies to put in place when learning how to forgive.

Strategie pro život | 2. díl

No. 2. | What is this episode about?

The Skill of Patience

With all the difficulties of life it is important to find a way to have some measure of calm and peace. This comes by developing the skill of patience. For some patience may come naturally but for many it is a skill that must be learned. By developing the skill of patience difficult situations can be faced with a calm demeanor and a quiet consciousness making life much more pleasant.

In this episode of Life Strategies, Dr. Mark A. Hicks gives four strategies to help develop the skill of patience. By applying these strategies, problems can be faced with less anger, outrage, or excessive worry. Life is simply better when we develop the skill of patience.

Strategie pro život | 1. díl

No. 1. | What is this episode about?

Life always has it’s difficulties; but, we are facing circumstances now that we have never seen before. It is a stressful time that leads many people to strong feelings of anxiety. When we are able to change our circumstances or if the stress is only experienced for a short time, most people know how to deal with that kind of stress. But, what do we do when the stress goes on for an extended time? What is our strategy when we have no control over the circumstances? How do we deal with anxiety then?

This is a new show called, Life Strategies. In this debut episode Dr. Mark A. Hicks talks about strategies that every person can put into their lives to help them deal with anxiety. Dr. Hicks gives four simple and straightforward strategies to live a better and healthier life during this extraordinarily difficult time.

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